Sunday, December 13, 2015

Holiday Season 2015

So much has happened and I have been too busy to post but here I am.  I am back in the Big Apple, surprise surprise ;-)
I also launched my full dominatrix persona and website and had my first overnight booking tonight! I was concerned that I would be bored but I handled it like a champ.  I did my research on certain things to brush up on my demeanor and my client was all too happy. Working class guy with a bit of a kinky side.
I can't wait to have the billionaire sub, now that would be some fun!
We did a few things including strap on play, nipple play, spanking, boot/feet worship, etc, which he seemed to like a lot.  All in all, I would say it went great. He is already looking to book me again.
I've been getting quite a few dominatrix booking enquiries so I'm pretty happy I branched out to the dark side.
Of course I'm also busy on the escort side and even went on a couple of Tinder dates which reminded me why men pay me to spend time with them, lol.  These men are all clients in my book because they act just like them.  Very needy and too much drama.  I rather to just have someone pay me for my time.

I am working on a guy (as a sugar daddy) I met a few months ago though.  He claims he likes me a lot and wants to travel the world with me.  But let's see where he puts his money.  So far he's shown the signs of generosity but I didn't even try before.  Now I'm going to put him to the test.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wind down of Summer 2015

I'm currently on a NE tour this summer and I am quickly realizing that these parts are much better in the winter/spring, yikes! I guess I will just have to brave the cold and come here a few times in the year.

In any case, I have decided to extend my nomad life by one more year before moving to California.  I'm loving it way too much and I am thankful to be able to be in the position to do so.  I'm chatting with some bloke off MM now and as usual he's all about the intimacy and has not yet inquired about my life and what I want.  Typical…oh well, we will see how it goes. I might use him to fund some trips for me.

Not much has happened this summer, just more discovery of where to tour in the summer.  This has definitely been a learning experience and I am glad for it because it makes my touring that much more efficient.

I went out last night to the bar at the Four Seasons, met a gentleman who definitely gave me a "client vibe", I gave him my number and he hasn't called so I know he's definitely a client.  I suppose I could have prepositioned him (because he was smitten by me) but I'm all about "Time & Place". I drank a lot so today has been sluggish, lol.  I already ate lunch and I think I will take a nap now.

Till next time...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer in the Big Apple 2015!!!

So I made it to the Big Apple for one month this summer.  So much has happened this year and I haven't had time to blog, but I'm still happily being a nomad and traveling the world.  I did go to Monaco with the escort I met last halloween and she turned to be a selfish person so I had to let her go. I did have a blast there though, my birthday there was amazing! I also went to Paris for the 1st time for just 2 nights but still had a blast.  We met a guy in Monaco that invited us to his friend's mega yacht and tried to impress me with it.  Of course I wasn't impressed and he got mad, lol.  I think I'm going to just focus on ME for a WHILE and let men be "over there".  When the right one comes along, I will know.  I don't want  to become jaded and end up losing my excitement about great guys.

I will be going back to the middle east soon with a new friend I just made.  She is also from Ethiopia like me and we seem to have a lot in common.  Let's hope she's not selfish and a good person because it would be nice to travel with someone on the same page as I am.
I have to say that this experience and been lesson filled and I have NO regrets.  I can't wait to get to the land down under and also get started in Hollywood baby!!!
I will fill you in as time goes on, because I have so many goals and I am enjoying the journey.
As of right now, I don't have any sugar daddies which has been very cool in a way.  I love making my own money and not having to ask anyone for anything.  I will hold out for the BIG fish which I know is right around the corner.

I am loving the Big Apple, it has been lucrative and fun-filled.

Till next time...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Awakening!!! 2015

Wow! Time has flown! I've been busy touring the U.S for this first quarter and let me just say that I'm glad I made this decision to travel for at least a year :-)
I spent a month in LA and made the decision that I will be moving there at some point next year to fully pursue my acting career, but first I must explore and enjoy the US and Europe this year.
I'm currently in the Northeast where I am doing very well. I have definitely established myself with this new persona, although it is funny that people from my past still recognize me even though I blur my face on all my ads.  I guess it is somewhat flattering that I still look the same after a 7-year hiatus.

I plan on spending a month in New York this summer and I am quite looking forward to that. I will be spending my birthday in Monaco with a the nice escort I met last halloween, whose birthday happens to be one day before mine! lol. Of course I will spend time in London as usual and I'm checking out switzerland and maybe Paris.  I also want to check out Italy since my cousin is stationed out there in the navy.

I will also be spending some time with my brother as he is building his first home which I will be helping decorate.  I might spend some time in the south as well to see if there's any money to be made. My BDSM website is almost complete and I am eager to explore that world as well!

All in all, I am happy to report that life is going splendidly and I am all too thankful!

Till next time….


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy New Year!!! 2015

2015 is here and I am excited!!! What a whirlwind the end of 2014 was! I rang in the new year in the UAE.  Before that, I was in London, Oslo, & Berlin.  I had such a great time, linking up with old friends and making new ones.  I did very well on this London trip, so it's safe to say that London will be a permanent city on my roster ;-) I have a lot of goals to accomplish this year and I am so ready!!! Still on my world tour but back in the States for a few months, then I'm off overseas again. Will be spending a good part of the summer in Europe.  I plan on linking up with Madame as she supposedly has clients in all the hot spots: London, Cannes, St. Tropez, Monaco, etc.

On another note, I'm back in my paradise but briefly.  Just saw the regular of mine with the weird fetish for bright make up and clothes.  It's still so funny to me that he loves bright eye shadows and lipstick.  So much so that he makes me re-apply after it wears off multiple times during the session.  It is quite bizarre but hey I'll take the money. I am going to spend time finishing up my BDSM website in the next few weeks so that I can really tap into that world.

I'm off to the west coast this weekend for a little while. Got a few prospects on SA…even one bloke wanting a date to the Oscars..keep you posted.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Demand what you want!

I went out on 2 sugar daddy dates in the same day a couple of days ago.  One for lunch, another for dinner and I was sitting there on both dates, it dawned on me that it is time to stop compromising.  These men were sitting there astonished that they "struck gold" with me.  The whole time was filled with them complimenting me and thanking me for being there.  They were clearing getting something out of the first meeting and I wasn't.  A "free meal" isn't worth it to me.
I tried it the "nice" way and I really haven't gotten the results I want.  The reason why successful people are successful is because they go after what they want full force and never take "no" for an answer, nor do they compromise their goals.  It's good to be flexible in your approach, but you should never change your true goals and desires to match the need of someone else, thinking that it will get you what you want.
The way I see it, if you two are not on the same page MOVE ON IMMEDIATELY. No sense in wasting time with someone who is not willing to give you what you want.  There are plenty of "fish" out there to feel trapped with "one".  It will never be fair if he gets everything he wants and you only get a little bit.  Neither of you will be happy.

I was chatting with some bloke from Ashley Madison today who told me he was ready to be my sugar daddy.  He asked me what I wanted per month and I told him $5,000 just to see where his head was.  He goes on about how that is a lot of money and I better be worth it. That he's not some fat slob, and that girls are lining up to be with him, so I better be negotiable.  I told him $5,000 is not a lot of money and that I wasn't willing to negotiate and ended with a  "good luck with your search".  Ouch! He probably didn't see that one coming.  This is why I never go for guys who are vain.  They are obviously OLD but spend so much time on their looks (which means NO MONEY) and they are disillusioned to thinking girls want them for their looks.  Yeah, desperate girls! When a guy complains right off the bat about what your are asking for being too much, RUN!!! It means that you guys are not on the same page and no amount of compromise will change that.
I'm done being patient with people and going back to my roots of being a bitch and demanding what I want.  That's how I met Richard, so why not???

In any case, of course the two OLD men I went on SD dates with (they lied about their age, lol) would LOVE to see me again, but I have decided that if it doesn't add value to my life, i.e. financial generosity, I will NOT MAKE TIME FOR IT.

I'm excited to be headed to Europe next week…xoxo

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Old Men and their fetishes...

I decided to go out in Palm Beach Island last night and my first stop was the very popular Buccan.  I went to the bar as soon as I walked in and asked for a wine list.  To my surprise, and older man approached me as asked "so what are you going to have?". I was quite taken back as most men are afraid to approach me, especially the older ones.  This guy was quite the gentleman.  An attorney who lived on the island and was buying me drinks? I decided to explore further.  Of course he was reveling in my upbeat energy while adding nothing back.  I've noticed that men of means tend to be a lot more upbeat, especially when they meet a woman…I started to have my doubts.  He suggested we get out of there and go to HMF at the breakers which was quieter (I think he just didn't want me to get snatched up by anyone else, lol) and I obliged because I wanted to see what he drove.  Alas it was a Ford Explorer! I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe he was the "green" type.  He ordered a bottle of champagne at the breakers which got me thinking he might be ok.  Then when the bottle was empty, he suggested that we go back to his place for some more. I went along because I wanted to see what his house looked like so that I could make a better judgement call about him.  Alas, he house was small and old! Infact, he just sold it to someone that is planning on tearing it down while he moves AWAY from the island to a townhouse in a not so great area.  Plus it was poorly decorate and looked cheap on the inside. That was it for me.  He has some money, but he's not fun enough for me to not care that he doesn't have enough money.  I told him I had to leave right away and he was wondering why the rush.  I told him because it was late, but really I had made my judgement call.  He tried to steal a kiss but of course he knows he has to earn that. He must have been thinking he hit the jackpot and I would sleep with him, ha! I thought maybe I should have propositioned him, but I just wasn't feeling it. I went out downtown and hung out with some friends till late.
Of course he's been texting me since this morning trying to hang out tonight and tomorrow but I just can't get myself to waste my precious time and energy with this old man who will probably take ages to be worked on.  Perhaps if I still lived here, I would have put him on my roster but I don't, so I won't.  We will see.

On a side note, I got a call from my BDSM advert.  An older man with foot fetish.  He basically worshipped my feet and ass and we finished him off with a foot job.  Quick and easy! I much rather have a straight forward approach, but I know I have to play the game in order to score my BIG fish!

Here's to playing the game to WIN!