Monday, July 21, 2014

A bouquet of flowere

So I get a call from my front desk today telling me that I had a flower delivery....who sent it you ask? My client from the "threesome gone wrong". Inside was a note apologizing for wasting my time and thanking me for being understanding. Cute, but I would have much rather prefered cash. Well I guess he's hooked because he said he would be seeing me soon. Something tells me it's gonna be before the week runs out, lol. I texted him to thank him for being sweet and thoughtful. I don't know why men are so infatuated with sex, but it's definitely to the advantage of women everywhere.
I spent some time in the ocean today. It was much needed and very relaxing. I live on the beach but don't spend much time enjoying it. I do run on the beach though so I do enjoy the view very often. I will make it a point to spend my last days in paradise enjoying it before I embark on my "World Tour". The time is drawing near.
I have a potential client tomorrow....let's hope it pans out. Nite all

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Threesome Gone Wrong

Well today turned out to be sort of a busy day for me, which is rare in my home base.
A regular of mine asked me if I would do a threesome with him and his girlfriend and of course I said yes.  He told me he would ask her and get back to me.  Shortly after, he lets me know that it is a "go".  We set up a time and I proceeded to get ready. He even told me to dress very well and sexy (which I already knew to do).
They arrive and I greet them happily at the door.  Right away I sensed something was off because the girlfriend was not happy.  I sat them down and offered them water.  Then after a moment of awkward looks, I asked how everyone was doing and if everything was ok, to which the girlfriend said "no".  Whoops! RED FLAG!
She said she had told him she wasn't into it and that she would just wait if he wanted to still go ahead with me.  I knew better than to even let that happen.  I complimented her, telling her she was beautiful and that we didn't have to do anything if she wasn't comfortable.  To which she mentioned "yeah apparently I'm not enough for him". Yikes! I hope he didn't think I was going to convince her against her will!
I even offered up some wine, to which she declined.  Then I knew for sure NOTHING was happening.  It was very awkward, and my regular sat there looking puzzled and gulping his water.  They eventually left.  I texted right away letting him have it for not checking with his girlfriend first and wasting my time.  He apologized profusely citing that he was very excited and everything happened so fast.  I told him never to EVER do that again without making sure his significant other was ok with it.
I've never done a threesome where the woman wasn't on board.  Everyone knows the woman runs the show in these situations, but my client apparently was too stupid to figure it out.  He made it seem like they had done it before but from the looks of the girlfriend, they certainly hadn't.  Maybe they went to a swinger's club, but it didn't look like they had any experience with threesomes.

In any case, luckily I had another client coming by shortly after.  New client, very excited and paranoid at the same time.  It was very quick and easy and he left very happy.
Nothing shocks me are so obsessed with sex, it's quite comical actually.  I just need to find an extremely wealthy one that's obsessed with me! I know it will happen soon...I'm just going to focus on my other goals while I wait.

I learned a new editing technique on photoshop that I'm quite happy about.  I'll definitely save some money on having someone else do it for me ;-)

On a different note, I was chatting with this bloke from Seeking Arrangement last night, and the dumb ass thought I would drive almost 45 minutes at 1am to meet him for sex if he paid me, ha! Chances are if he wasn't calling an escort, it's because he couldn't afford one.  Which makes him a cheap ass! Things like that will never end well.  Last minute, nothing discussed, plus he could be the next craigslist killer, lol.  I told him no and went to bed.  These guys  think that lying about their net worth will make girls do ANYTHING.  I wasn't born yesterday.  Maybe it works on some other girls, but at this point in my life I can smell money a mile away.  I know what it talks and acts like; and this guy was talking & acting like a cheap pervert.  Maybe on a slight chance I was wrong, but even if I was I wouldn't want a creep like that anyway.  NEXT!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Miami Swim Week 2014

Well, I just wrapped up with a new client, Russian New Yorker who loves to talk dirty in bed.  I don't know what it is about this particular act, but I feel it sounds so fake, especially if you don't know the person, but hey I'm here to please.
I'm now going over the pictures from my super hot fetish/glamour shoot from a couple of days ago.  This is the hard part.  Trying to decide with picture you want and which ones you wish to delete; there are probably a thousand photos!  It's a process in itself but I'm glad I did it.
I ordered some delivery, it's gonna be a "stay in" kind of a night as it is non-stop thunderstorms today.  I'm looking forward to attending some swim week events.  It was fabulous last year so I'm sure it will be the same this year...ciao

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I wasn't born yesterday...

So this guy I met while I stripped breifly in Palm Beach a few years ago,  just took me out to dinner tonight. He's cheap even though he has money, but I contacted him all the same because it is not as busy in this new city (I won't be coming here again), and I figured I could pry some money out of him and get a nice meal. It still has been a lucrative trip though. He thinks I'm here working a private jet trip;  I love the alibi my mainstream work gives me��
Anyways, when I first met this one, it was quite a feat to let this him know that he had to spoil me even though we met in a strip club and I was a stripper! (It's still a silly song and dance we do and I avoid it at all costs, but since I'm in his city, I figured I might as well). I think he has a different definition of what "spoiling" means (he's 61); but I never let men off the hook, especially older men, because they should know better.
In anycase we had a very nice dinner and he said he wanted to take me shopping but I told him I'd rather have the cash. He said he didn't have any cash on him and would take care of me tomorrow, but he understood if I wanted to wait. I told him I would wait. I've already been down this road before where I assumed he would take care of me and he didn't. So much so that I cursed him out he seriously thought I hated him, lol.
As soon as I said I would wait, he left immediately. He went from talking about how he wanted to make love to me and kiss me, to getting the hell out of my hotel room, lol.
I wasn't born yesterday; he doesn't go to Neiman Marcus asking for credit and he sure as hell will not do that with me! I sent him a text right after thanking him for dinner and saying that I looked forward to seeing him tomorrow. There's a 50/50 chance he will bail, but I could care less. Men think they can use us for our goods and then get upset when we want something in return, ha! It doesn't phase me, I get what I can out of you and toss you aside. I'm only nice to deserving men.
I have a few appointments tomorrow and then I'm headed back home to paradise. Time for bed��

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You make me laugh...

Well this trip up north has been very lucrative...I'm so glad I came here.  I'm trying out a new city nearby that I've gotten several requests to visit.  Let's hope it's as good as this trip.  And of course, Murphy's law, while I've been away, I've gotten requests for private jet trips as well as my escort services back home.  It never fails....but at least I'm doing other "mainstream" things besides adult work.  This is absolutely necessary to stay balanced.

I linked up with a "sort of" Sugar Daddy I met through a friend.  Every time we get together, we grab dinner, play, and he gives me money.  Today though at dinner, he announced that he is now dating someone (why the fuck did you want to go out with me? I thought). I told him he could have easily texted me that, but he claimed he really wanted to get together and "catch up"....I was smelling bullshit. In any case, we had a nice dinner and then he decided he wanted to grab something at Wolford since our restaurant was in the mall.  I thought it was for his girlfriend, but it turned out that it was for me.  It definitely reminded me of Richard because he was the only one who knew quality and designer fashion.  I smiled cheekily to myself.
It was kind of a forced shopping spree because he never asked me what I wanted; he picked the store and told me to pick out something, so I just picked whatever I saw there that I thought was cute because I didn't feel like arguing.  He kept the receipt, I guess to make sure I didn't return it, lol.  I thanked him for the gift but I really didn't see where this was going.  I would have been just as happy with the cash.  He drove me back to my hotel and told me he wanted to see me in the outfit.  I thought, "great! he still wants to play", so I asked him if he wanted to come up but he said "only for a little bit".  I saw he was trying to play games so I told him he's either IN or're not going to try to see me naked if you are not paying me!!! I guess he thought I was stupid, lol.

I'm gearing up for my last appointment of the night and then I'm packing for my trip out to the new town in the morning.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence day weekend 2014

Well today was unexpectedly busy and lucrative.  I saw a regular of mine and a new client which is always great.  I worked out (working on getting my splits back) and had a pretty nice day. I've pretty much kept to myself indoors and have filled my time with sleeping, eating, working out, and watching TV.  I have a hot shoot coming up and I have to be just so.

I got a call from this match maker I spoke to a couple of days ago.  It's a high end match making agency that claims to have the guy I'm looking for but they want me to shell out $2,500.  I don't know how I feel about that.  Plus my head is not wrapped around dating at the moment...I've switched back to my old self, the one that is focused on financial freedom.  I've decided to work on becoming a millionaire myself until I meet my billionaire. So I don't even think I will be any good, because I plan on traveling non-stop in a couple of months.  I will probably meet my match during my travels.
Besides I don't know that they are THAT good.  If it was a guaranteed, then I would probably be more interested, but I've been burned by a "high end" match making service before. They claim to be great but in the end, they end up catering to where their money is, THE MEN.
I didn't even bother calling her back.  We've already talked on the phone, I don't know why she wants to "talk" some more.  I'm a woman that knows what she wants.  No one needs to persuade me to do anything.

In any case, I'm getting ready for bed as I have a morning flight up north.  I'm touring this week because it is way too quiet and boring in paradise.  Most of the "money" is up north or in Europe which is where I should be!  But I'm not even upset....I have a little over 60 days left and then I'm off being a jet setter :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good vibes

Today was a good day. I met up with a bloke from Ashley Madison. He was basically a sad, pathetic, sex starved human being. I don't understand how men staying married for years and not have sex with their wives
As usual I let them know in advance that I'm looking for a sugar daddy so we met up and he gave me some money and he was very happy. Didn't even last long and basically spent the whole time rubbing me down. He ended up leaving early because somehow he felt guilty even though his back story is that his wife discovered she's a lesbian and currently has a girlfriend but they are staying together for their son. He seemed so na├»ve and kind of dumb for an older man. I guess age has nothing to do with wisdom. He was very sad and somewhat lost. In any case we ended up talking for most of the time and he said something that I thought was funny. He told me that while we were chatting online, he felt like I was trained in communication LOL. (For some reason, most people always think that I am too good to be true, when I chat with them online). He was very complimentary and very taken by me. He was also very nervous which for the life of me I could not understand why.
I left him and went straight to my acting class - sidebar: I have been taking acting classes if I hadn't mentioned it before. We were shooting a scene today which was pretty exciting. 
I had also been chatting with this comedian earlier in the morning, who wanted to see me as a client. He was very peculiar but funny. He was in town to do a gig for a corporate event. So I saw him afterwards. He insisted on meeting me for a drink. I guess he wanted to make sure I was real even though he had went online to read my reviews. Anywho, for a paid comedian he sure seemed broke because he was whining about my price which is pretty standard for any high-end escort. I rocked his world of course and he told me how awesome I was which I already know. I just need a billionaire to see that and snatch me up LOL. 
As usual, any day that I make money is a good day. Things have not been as busy in paradise so I've been a little bit bored lately, but I'm very thankful to have a life of leisure. Not very many people can afford to do that and for that I am very grateful.
Counting down the days till the end of my lease....